Zeal Static’s music video for his latest release, “Ebonics,” is a refreshing and thought-provoking take on the importance of embracing one’s culture while humorously dismantling stereotypes. Right from the establishing shot, we are drawn into Zeal’s world as he steps out of his luxurious house, greeted by an unexpected encounter with an older man who embodies the epitome of societal prejudice.

The clever use of this character, portrayed by a young white man with a fake grey beard, immediately sets the tone for the video. It becomes evident that Zeal’s hip-hop style and unwavering embrace of his culture are met with disdain by the older man, effectively addressing the issues of prejudice that continue to persist in society, particularly within the context of hip-hop and drill culture.

One of the most striking scenes in the video is when Zeal retrieves a gun, whilst coming out of his lavish BMW sports car and holds it to someone’s head while delivering the line, “I play with them tools, I don’t care about the rules.” This moment serves as a powerful commentary on the ways in which stereotypes and misconceptions about drill culture can lead to misunderstandings about people in that community. Zeal uses humour to subvert these expectations, highlighting his unique storytelling abilities and his willingness to tackle taboo subjects head-on.

Throughout the video, Zeal cleverly juxtaposes his lyrics with scenes that challenge stereotypes in a humorous and parodic manner. One such scene involves Zeal watching models on TV as he raps about their admiration for his style and his appreciation for their assets. This segment adds a layer of humour to the video while also addressing the stereotypical portrayals of women and men in hip-hop culture, highlighting Zeal’s ability to tackle complex issues with wit and satire.

The cinematography in the “Ebonics” music video is top-notch, capturing the essence of Zeal’s message about culture and identity. The video seamlessly blends luxury and grit, emphasising Zeal’s dedication to crafting a compelling narrative. By using humour to confront stereotypes, Zeal sets himself apart from the crowded hip-hop and drill scene, eschewing the conventional and opting for a more unique and impactful approach.

In a genre often associated with gritty visuals and objectification, “Ebonics” stands out as a testament to Zeal Static’s artistry. It’s no surprise that he’s gaining recognition, and it’s only a matter of time before his music finds its way onto all of our playlists. This music video serves as a reminder that embracing one’s culture and identity, no matter how unconventional, is a powerful act of defiance against the forces of prejudice and hatred. Zeal Static’s “Ebonics” is a must-watch, both for its musical prowess and its fearless social commentary. So what are you waiting for? Stream below.

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