Nike Gata Drops New Hit Single “Sneaky Link”

New Jersey based rapper/comedian Nike Gata has been receiving a lot of attention for his fun energetic sports related music. Before his songs made it to the likes of ESPN and NBA 2k, Nike was tricked by his friends who loved his funny freestyles to enter a rap showcase hosted by DJ Drewski of Hot97 radio station. Just like his friends, the crowd was amazed by the energy, ultimately winning the competition. From the smile to style Nike Gata takes over any room he’s in. Backed by songs like ”Lonzo Ball Freestyle” and “Bottom Of The Net” released in 2020, which later were picked up by the biggest sport networks for placement deals, show he’s got  something to take seriously. 

Born in the mid 90’s, Howell Reynolds (Nike Gata) took a lot of influence from not too many rappers but comedians and athletes. From Martin Lawrence to Will Smith being fly and funny was always cool which is a quote by he lives by it today. Add that with him having a Kobe Bryant mamba like mentality in and out the studio. The guy is entertainingly un-guard able lol.

His stage name Nike Gata is actually his way of paying homage to his favorite athlete Micheal Jordan. Entering the league in 1985 Jordan’s first contracts were from Nike (brand) and Gatorade. He vowed to follow the same steps as his idol. Nike has already had a Gatorade sponsorship for marketing products and has been in talks with Nike (brand) for modeling and possibly more. 

Nike Gata Recently signed with Twenty Two Recordings, LLC in partnership with Warner Music Group and Muddy Dreams Management Co. He is geared up to have the whole world rocking with his new hit singles “Sneaky Link” and “Easy”. This kid’s going to be something major, he can’t wait to say he told you so. His debut single “Sneaky Link” is scheduled for release on 10/27/2023.

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