Mass Benji Teams up With Harlem Goat, Jim Jones for New Single,“Adderall”

When it comes to talking to the streets, Mass Benji is the music whisperer, and his new single “Adderall” featuring Jim Jones is a perfect example of why.

Hailing from Wake Forest, NC, rapper Mass Benji is known as The Soulful Street Rapper for his ability to create scenic masterpieces through music that resonates with audiences. His passion for rhyming is used to motivate and bring hope to communities worldwide. Mass Benji has learned the art of music from his family, starting from his great-grandfather on his mother’s side who connects their lineage to the great David Ruffin.

After launching his own record label, Circle of Winners, in 2021, and recently signing a distribution deal with Vamplife/EMPIRE, he has since been on the rise. Now, he is back with a new single releasing on July 7 th titled, “Adderall” featuring the Harlem OG, Jim Jones. Following the audio release will be visuals taking the song to new dimensions on Friday, July 7 th . Mass Benji’s inspiration for the song was to create something for everyday hustlers grinding to realize their dreams no matter if it’s via a 9-5, business, or on Wall Street.

Mass Benji has built a reputation as a lyrical and versatile storyteller that infuses emotions and relatable experiences in his songs, and “Adderall” is no different. With Jim Jones in the mix, it adds the right touch of perfection bringing the track to fruition as they both own the beat like the gifted rappers they are.

“Adderall” is going to be a hit. Mass Benji himself said, “When I recorded the song it felt like a
turning point in my career and I felt the only way to compliment the record was by letting a
legend stamp it,” and sure enough it was stamped and endorsed. Tap into his socials and be
ready for the release of Mass Benji’s new single and music video for “Adderall” featuring Jim

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