Hollow Earth Theory – “3 in the Morning”

Texas Supergroup Hollow Earth Theory continues to blaze a trail, breaking records across the board with their latest collaboration with Prolific DJ & GRAMMY-nominated producer, OG Ron C for the remix to their Nationwide sonically known single “3 in the morning“.

Layering in the signature styles of chopped & screwed remixing, OG Ron C transforms the soulful melodies delivered through slowed, rhythmic iterations of varying verses interpolated with a hard-hitting trap beat.

“I see a lot of elusive doors opening up for the Texas Collective Hollow Earth Theory ” said OG Ron C, “Their authenticity in the deliverance of the stories they share with the world is whats uniquely separates them from the rest & also what forthwith enticed my attention.”

Igniting their ascent to stardom through their astonishing premiered single, “3 in the Morning” a sonic masterpiece that swiftly captured the hearts & minds of music enthusiasts.

The Hollow Earth Theory Collective share inclination to paint a deeper cinematic piece that harmonizes perfectly with their unique musical style, So they recruit Big&Little Productions a renowned favorite Media Group to deliver a Music Video to their lead single “3 in the morning” offering fans a whole new dimension of this Southern style hip hop breed.

Watch the music video for “3 in The Morning” & Brace yourself for The OG Ron C Remix which is set to be released next month.

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