Sofi Saint Lands At #1 With “KID Knock It Down” On iTunes!

Sofi Saint, the Queen of Tropical R&B/Pop, has swiftly soared to the pinnacle of the iTunes R&B chart with her mesmerizing song “KID Knock it Down.” But who is Sofi Saint? Here’s a look into her intriguing journey from Cocorite, Trinidad & Tobago, to the global music stage.

Born Sophia Marshall, Sofi Saint was the cherished only child of her parents. From an early age, her parents recognized her talent, ensuring she got the best education and opportunities to pursue her dreams. Singing from the age of 2, Sofi began her musical journey in the SDA church, often showcasing her talents for the Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister.

Despite being bullied for her slender frame and distinct accent, she used her music and commanding stage presence as a beacon for the underdogs. A born leader, Sofi Saint firmly believed in her destiny to shine on the global stage. “I always knew I was going to be a superstar one day,” she confidently shared.

Her passion for entertainment is undeniable. From modeling at the RI Modeling school to performing leading roles in school theater plays, Sofi always had an eye for the spotlight. It was during one of her events in August 2010 that she met the love of her life, marking the beginning of an enduring partnership.
Together with her husband, they established SOFIBIZ ENT, a venture that combined TV, Radio, and live performances. Their endeavors didn’t stop there. In April 2016, to protect and promote her musical talents, her husband established the G&L Record label. This decision was transformative, setting Sofi Saint on a path to establish her unique sound in the music industry.

However, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. After her husband was grievously injured in a carjacking incident, Sofi’s world came crashing down. But with unwavering faith, endless prayers, and immense determination, they overcame this devastating period. With her husband’s encouragement, Sofi set her sights on the Billboard Top 100 and not long after, she accomplished landing at #28 with her single “Putting In Work”

Juliet Sofia Marshall, popularly known as Sofi Saint, is a multi-faceted talent. Her music, infused with tropical, pop, and R&B vibes, narrates her inspiring journey of struggles and triumphs. Today, with features in renowned magazines like XXL Freshman Issue 2019, Vogue Fashion Magazine, and many more, she continues to touch hearts and inspire countless souls.

From the serene beaches of Trinidad & Tobago to the bustling global music stage, Sofi Saint has truly made her mark. With her latest track, “KID Knock it Down,” hitting number one on iTunes R&B, it’s evident that the world can’t get enough of this Tropical R&B/Pop Queen.

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