Saint Ahmad feat. Lolita Leopard – “LGC” (Video)

New York LGBTQ+ artist and icon Saint Ahmad releases the new single and video “LGC”. “LGC” – short for “let’s get crazy” – is a hypnotic hyper dance track featuring club icon Lolita Leopard andset to ignite the club this summer with sensational fiery vocals and a wave of polychromatic sonic bliss.”LGC” is bursting at the seams with an adrenaline rush of intergalactic beats, thumping bass, and vocals from Saint Ahmad and Lolita Leopard that push you right over the edge. This is the club banger you’ve been waiting for, that will send the whole dancefloor into a fantasm frenzy. Saint Ahmad reveals, ” ‘LGC’ is a reminder to serve and slay whenever you’re out.” The music video captures Saint Ahmad and Lolita Leopard in an entrancing whirlwind of seduction as each artist leads the pack in a colorful parade of euphoric expression. 

Saint Ahmad is a New York artist to his core, fusing the confines of genre with his abstract, creative vision. He combines his background studying dance with his eclectic beats and metamorphic vocals. He’s received high acclaim from NOTION, LADYGUNN, Metal Magazine, and Rolling Stone India to name a few. 

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