New Video: Trent The Hooligan Ft NyBanga “GLim!” & New LP Announcement

The son of a pastor who was raised in the church with his seven siblings, Trent the Hooligan became accustomed to a nomadic and judgmental lifestyle early in life.  Born in Atlanta, with a stop in Orlando, Florida before eventually relocating and settling in Wilmington, NC at the age of 15, he is no stranger to assumptions and misconceptions.  “When you’re from the South, people will think you’re stupid, that we talk slow”, Trent says.  While Trent does speak with an unmistakable accent and grew up listening to Christian rock and other worship music, looking at him, you wouldn’t realize that he can rap circles around seasoned veterans; turning all the disparate experiences of his 25 years on this earth into music that’s as thoughtful as it is hard.  Working in the tradition of Outkast, Goodie Mob, and UGK, Trent the Hooligan is living proof that the South still has a lot to say!

One of Hip-Hop’s greatest gifts is its ability to induce feeling, and how those feelings resonate with you internally; it can make you feel as if you’re being seen and heard for the first time.  Introduced to Hip-Hop by his brother, Trent is no stranger to those feelings, as he was blown away by the connections he discovered in Hip-Hop with his own upbringing.  The cadence of Pimp C’s voice and the gospel influence in Outkast’s work (especially the choir which uplift’s the duo’s classic “B.O.B” into the stratosphere) immediately captivated him.  Always a gifted writer, recognized for his facility with words and essays in school, Trent realized that this music was big enough to contain everything that mattered to him. 

This discovery, in a moment of crisis as a teenager, feeling depressed and adrift, led Trent to write his first rap song.  This cathartic, creative exercise was not only healing but incredibly liberating; and Trent’s fate was sealed.  This was his calling!  Soon, he immersed himself in writing, relentlessly polishing his craft, and creating music and connections with a growing flock of producers and artists that fueled his passion; and helped him start building a community. 

In 2018, Trent released his first project, the EP B4imetu: A Prelude to Medusa.  In 2019, he released his debut album, Medusa.  Taken together, they introduce Trent as a remarkable technician; capable of stringing together complicated lines and ideas with ease. 

Now, Trent the Hooligan is back with an illuminating new single and video for, “GLiM!,” and a new album announcement, ALLGASNOBRAKEZ!, which will be released on 4-18-23.  “GLiM” Featuring NyBanga” is now available. 

“We that generation don’t play with them boys/North Carolina to California making some noise.”  Trent’s sophomore album, ALLGASNOBRAKEZ!, is just that, as it displays his evolution as an artist since Medusa, and it pays homage to contemporary classics like J. Cole’s Forest Hills Drive, and Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, Maad City.

“I wrote my verse for “GLiM” in my head while I was driving around LA. The lyrics play on the idea that we were all made in a creator’s image. Everything’s a reflection of the creator, right? So I’m like God looking in the mirror” is an eternally empowering statement” Trent the Hooligan professes.  “NyBanga agreeing to rap over a soul chop beat with me is unorthodox on paper, but works so well.  As soon as I heard the beat I knew his tone would sit beautifully on it. This song is as North Carolina as it gets; it highlights our spirit and natural charisma.”

Trent the Hooligan’s ALLGASNOBRAKEZ! will be released on 4-18-23.

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