Levi Grxce – “Rolling My Eyesss”

Levi Grxce, an entertainer and progressive musician, merges skill and panache in his performances, crafting music that resonates and provokes thought. The 25-year-old, based out of California, has amassed an impressive cross-genre discography; he already has 19 albums released so far and is not backing down any time soon. He simply refuses to stand still, working round the clock to inspire, empower, and entertain with his sound, which takes cues from alternative rap and is delivered with his own unique twist.

Grxce consistently delivers unique and deeply relatable tracks, earning widespread recognition. He briefly studied music in college but left dissatisfied. He now composes, performs, and produces his music entirely on his own. Grxce previously recorded under the moniker Levii. He cites a wide-range of artists as inspiration for his sound, from; Johnny Cash, Kendrick Lamar, Sahbabii to; Avril Lavigne, Peso Pluma, and even, Burna Boy. This year the rapper is making his wide-distribution debut as Levi Grxce.



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