Experience an intriguing blend of culture and rhythm in Dezvelkito’s Latest Single “Life Outside of Pearl”

Uscla Johnny Desarmes, better known as Dezvelkito, is a New Jersey-based filmmaker and singer-songwriter who has made a name for himself as a conscious music creator and innovator with a knack for engineering pensive and positive music that is eclectic and irresistibly appealing. His discography is a treasure trove of popular musical genres ranging from R&B to soul and hip-hop. He is a polished performer who invests in deeply relatable stories and delivers them with such heart and soul as to evoke emotions from within the listener.
“Life Outside of Pearl” was a film that Dezvelkito made about 17 years ago, but when he and his team were trying to air it, an earthquake occurred, which altered all their plans. This film sheds light on Haitian culture and struggles from family assimilation in the USA standpoint.
Dezvelkito has once again proven that the cultural perception of Haitian people deserves to be heard by the world, and this new project released on July 21, 2023, his birthday does just that.

This is more than just the film and the captivating theme track that accompanies it; no, this is the story of pride in the face of adversity and a tumultuous journey that is marred with non-recognition by the USA and its people while being a huge part of America and its rich history.
The complementary theme song is a catchy masterpiece that is tapped from old-school R&B and soul with rap influences. This song also marks a significant milestone in Dezvelkito’s artistry: while previously he wasn’t really a singer, in this new track, he gets to breathe life into the lyrical narrative, express his inner feelings, and connect with the listener on a deeply personal level.

And that is exactly what happens—this song really is stupendous, and the lyrical performance leaves nothing to be desired. He’s got the voice, his rap technique is smooth and outstanding, his singing is exemplary, and he knows how to delve deep into the storyline, leading the listener…of course, with some whimsical observations to lighten the mood of the overall sad message behind the lyrics.

This is a top-notch production that deserves to be under the spotlight and is one of the projects that is going to catapult Dezvelkito into the hearts of global listeners and further elevate him to international acclaim.
You can feel how proud he is of this project because it means so much to him—he is getting the voice of millions heard and is hopeful both the film and song will have a positive impact, more so on the people of Haiti which, as Dezvelkito appropriately describes in the song, is the pride of the Caribbean.

The track was accompanied by a compelling music video that was at the core of this release and helped project the message further by depicting exactly what the lyrics highlight. This is a journey of a thousand miles that is poised to start with this one step that will hopefully make the USA aware of the plight and feelings of the Haitian people.

“Life Outside of Pearl” is proof that R&B and hip hop are much more than just the music; this is a creative expression as much as a form of storytelling.

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