Duvee Davis – “IJustDoMe”

Duvee Davis is a punch drunk ex professional boxer and Iraq war veteran trying to make it in this crazy world thru the love of hip hop. Duvee is a single father raising his son in the Philippines. Duvee used his military benefits after his deployment to become a teacher and support his single parent lifestyle, he got fired from jobs in America and then moved to Bangkok Thailand and found himself getting fired there as well.

Duvee said F#$% being a teacher and left with his son who is an aspiring amateur boxer to live in the Philippines. Duvee creates content for a living now and supports his son alone with spotify, youtube, and sales from his website. He was deemed not fit to work by multiple employers but took his drive and love of making content and turned it into a career.

As you go thru different situations in life you find yourself adjusting to different environments. For example as a soldier I behaved way differently than I did as a teacher because the circumstance was drastically different. This song is about the frustration that can come along with trying to fit in to a environment that does not suit you. This song is a statement, a proclamation instead of fitting in “I Just Do Me” and let the chips fall where they may.



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