C.Rowe Releases New Mixtape “New Sauga”

Crowned “Best New Solo Artist” by Mississauga Music Awards, rapper C.Rowe has officially released New Sauga, a mixtape alluded to on social media throughout the 8 months of its production. New Sauga is captivating listeners with unexplored sounds, combining southside style with trap, Jersey drill and C.Rowe’s unique use of melodies and cadence. This contemporary take on Tory Lanez’s The New Toronto mixtape spans over 20 unprecedented songs and incorporates many distinguished features such as YTN Paco, Buggz, Cholocash and Toronto Legend, Roney. 

Following the release, fans proved shocked to see Roney and C.Rowe had collaborated again, this time on “Switches” the remix subsequent to the original which had earned over 100k streams on spotify alone. The success of the tape and the rapport it’s earned with fans has encouraged C.Rowe to go on tour early this spring with Roney, performing all over Canada with the possibility of more dates and cities being added this summer.

Currently, listeners are anticipating the “Why you F****** with my Heart?” music video premier. The song has earned a monumental rendition for its profound depiction of C.Rowe’s life; it is being considered a statement piece portraying a sentiment exclusive to the rapper broadcasted through his voice, lyrics and visuals. The ostentatious video will set the tone for C.Rowe’s imminent prosperity this year as he consistently and vigorously demonstrates dedication to his craft. Fans can look forward to more music videos from New Sauga as well as more tour dates and hopefully, more music. 

For more information on C.Rowe, please review his website, Spotify and Instagram. For direct bookings, contact him through email.

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